Etiquette for Staying in Backpacker Hostels in Tasmania

Most backpackers who are visiting and touring Tasmania in Australia always choose backpacker hostels such as Tasmania hostels in Bicheno and Launceston. These accommodation options are cheaper, and they allow the backpackers to meet other people who are on an adventure like themselves. If it is your first time staying at a backpackers hostel, you should adhere to the following etiquette:

Respect People’s Privacy

You should never touch anyone’s property without their permission. You should also avoid getting into their space, such as sitting on their beds and intruding unless they have invited you. Still on privacy, avoid asking personal questions that feel disrespectful and intrusive. Keep off particular topics like sexual orientation, religion, family matters, and other things that will make them uncomfortable. Safe conversation starters can be general topics such as sports news and events but only when they are interested.

Keep Noise to a Minimum

Most backpackers always come back to the hostel feeling very exhausted from exploring different places in Tasmania. Most of them will tell you that when they check-in, all they want is to rest and sleep. Imagine how irritating it is when they have to hear some guests at the guest house listening to loud music, speaking loudly and causing a distraction. Avoid shouting on the phone no matter how excited you are. If you want to have a noisy and animated conversation, step out of the hostel.

Clean Up After Yourself

When staying at the hostel, chances are that you will be sharing some amenities such as a kitchen and living area. Do not be sloppy by leaving things in a mess and expect someone to clean after you. When you spill items, clean them. If you use the bathroom, do not wait to be reminded to clean up. Basically, be considerate of other people’s needs and create an environment where they do not have to feel uncomfortable and annoyed to be around you.