Attaining a Tasmanian Restaurant License

Starting a food business within the Tasmania area can be a potentially lucrative endeavour. To do this, the proprietor will need to attain a restaurant license. There are a few steps that should be followed in order to achieve approval.

Understanding Food Laws

It is crucial that all food businesses are aware of the specific laws that apply to them. For restaurants that are in Tasmania, this will mean reading up on the local regulations and following them accordingly. The Tasmanian Food Act of 2003 is particularly important. So too is the National Food Standards Code. Combined, these ensure that businesses keep their premises hygienic, label their products and prevent contamination.

Fulfilling Construction Requirements

Restaurants within Tasmania are required to be built in a manner that conforms to the National Construction Code. The state’s building regulations dictate that building surveyors and environmental health officers from the council need to give their official approval. However, permits are not usually required for minor renovations to existing buildings. Therefore new restaurant owners should decide whether to build an eatery from scratch or purchase an existing property.

Other Factors to Consider

The manager will also have to think about whether they have sufficient skills and knowledge when it comes to food safety. If not, then they can undergo training. Allergens are a major factor for all eateries. Contamination should be prevented as much as possible. Food products will have to be properly labelled. There may also need to be a documented food recall system in place.

Getting Formal Approval

Once these steps have been followed, it is time to attain a restaurant license. Applications are usually sent to the local government. The premises and the applicant themselves will be assessed. Sometimes this will include having to demonstrate that they can handle and prepare proposed food types properly. Once businesses have been approved a Certificate of Registration is sent out.